Permatect’s certified installers start by removing ANY existing coatings and contaminates from tile and grout surface. Once extracted and dry, installers apply Permatect’s titanium-fortified grout stain, giving the grout a clean uniform appearance. Custom grout colors are available for customer/Interior Design choice.

After detail, the entire surface is sprayed and sealed with Permatect’s Protective Barrier. Once sealed, the surface is protected from mold, mildew, moisture, urine and foot traffic. The sealant also makes the surface much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Key Areas For Application: 

Showers and locker rooms 
Industrial kitchens
Canteens and cafeterias 
High traffic public restrooms
Permatect’s process makes tiled pool areas more slip resistant and much easier to keep clean.

Slip Resistant Testing

This testing has proven Permatect’s seal to make surfaces 60% less slippery when wet, and 15% less slippery when dry, providing an extra level of safety for all treated areas.