Goals and Challenges

Now that the surface is successfully treated with a Permatect protective barrier, harsh chemicals and aggressive equipment are no longer necessary to maintain the desired appearance. We want the care takers of these surfaces to use mainly FRESH WATER and a LIGHT amount of a neutral or general purpose cleaner. Too much soap will create a haze or a cloudy film look on the shiny surface of the coating. In order to keep best shine, fresh water should rinse neutral soap and dry mop after extraction. Our goal is to create best results for housekeeping staff, leadership and your customer.


A routine should be put into place on frequency of deep clean depending on surface traffic. For example, Permatect would like staff to scrub and extract a very high traffic public restroom or cafeteria several times a week, while a staff restroom could benefit from deep clean once a month. Implementing this routine cleaning will prolong the life of your Permatect investment.

Routine Cleaning

Chemical: A LIGHT solution of your neutral cleaner or disinfectant. Too much soap will leave a film on the shiny sealant.. Mostly clean water!


  1. Nylon deck brush or soft bristle grout brush for baseboards and areas that machinery wont be able to get.
  2. Low speed buffer with soft bristle brush attachment
  3. Mop bucket with pitcher to apply water/chemical solution to floor
  4. Wet-Vac system
  5. Clean towels or dry flat mop
  6. Floor fan for larger areas

Routine Cleaning Continued Process:

  • Apply water solution to the surface
  • Scrub areas with brush on stick that machine wont reach ( behind toilets in stalls, on walls and baseboards near soap dispenser and trash can areas
  • Scrub floors with buffer and soft bristle brush
  • Squeegee soiled water to center of floor
  • Use wet vac system to remove soiled water
  • Use DRY mop or towels to get any residual water and cleaner* This step will GREATLY improve the daily appearance

The natural porous texture of both tile and grout allow for unwanted dirt, mold, mildew moister and urine to penetrate and create a dirty appearance on the floor. Most common floor cleaning process such as string mops and flat microfiber mops aren’t able to reach into the grout and tile surface and extract the contaminates. As more and more people walk on these unprotected dirty floors, the dirt and contaminates are compacted and embedded into the grout, making it very hard to give a truly clean appearance.

Permatect’s certified installers start by removing ANY existing coatings and contaminates from tile and grout surface. Once extracted and dry, installers apply Permatect’s titanium-fortified grout stain, giving the grout a clean uniform appearance. Custom grout colors are available for customer/ Interior Design choice.

After detail, the entire surface is sprayed and sealed with Permatect’s Protective Barrier. Once sealed, the surface is protected from mold, mildew moisture, urine and foot traffic. The sealant also makes the surface much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Permatect has a 4 year warranty for-
Normal Wear and Abrasion.- PFS warrants that the Permatect Permanent Protective Barrier will not wear more than 10% during the Warranty period. If excessive wear occurs, PFS will re-coat worn areas at no charge to the customer.

Yes, We have perfected the art in removing all coatings that are on the market, including: Glazing products, waxes, urethanes, silica based sealants and most other common temporary floor sealants.

Yes, feel free to contact Permatect to schedule a demonstration to evaluate our process.

Yes, Permatect is proud to be partnered with SDVOSB Goodwin Facility Solutions

No, even though Permatect gives a wet, glossy appearance it actually creates a slip coefficient that is 60% less slippery when wet and 15% less slippery when dry. This makes your environment both cleaner and safer for your staff and clients.